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What's New at Community Action Publications (CAP)

* We're delighted to share our beautiful and inspiring book, "The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess."

* The Next STEP newsletter is your handy guide to less toxic living! Learn more about it, read past issues, and search our helpful online topic Index to past issues.

* Patricia Dines' current writing - CAP President Patricia Dines offers ecological information, insights, and tips in various venues, including her Ask EcoGirl column and the Next STEP newsletter. Find out what info-dishes she's served recently!

* Check out our page full of green job leads, locally and beyond!

* Click here for more news goodies!



Organized and Empowering Information about How You Can Create a Better World

Topics include: Pesticides, Toxics, & Alternatives * Organics* GMOs* Buying Local* Peak Oil * and more! All organized for easy access. Enjoy!


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* About CAP Founder & President Patricia Dines

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